Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Stuff about Home Based Businesses

I wrote a blog, a while back, on making estimated tax payments to the Internal Revenue Service and to the State of California. Please keep in mind that if you live in a state where there is no state income tax, just make your federal estimated income tax payments on April 15, June 15,
September 15 and January 15 of the following year.

Out of Country Clients:

The information given above only applies to those who live in the United States, and in appropriate territories. However, you should get in touch with
your tax preparer,or legal counsel, in your country of residence, and formulate a plan to set aside funding to satisfy the government obligation. Remember, planning
ahead minimizes the shock when paying taxes.

Finally, this strategy will also work for brick and mortar stores, and on-line businesses.

Make some serious money, and to your success!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home Business Marketing Business Plan

First Things First:

Please understand that it is okay to change or modify your business plan as the economy changes. The plan is not carved in stone, and therefore must be made flexible. Remember, no heartburn.

What business are you in, or what do you know?

Take a look at your skill set, and see what you can offer to others. I'm a teacher, and have been a substitute teacher in So. Cal. for 13 years. I also teach
contractor's law for a private enterprise, with topics on developing a business plan being covered. I've been doing that for 15 years. Therefore, I'm
giving back to the community.

Where do you see your company in 6 months (short term), and 5 years from now (long term)?

Maybe you just want to bring in some supplemental income, or replace income that was lost (it does happen). Never mind about making the proverbial "million dollars", that will come over time. However, be realistic with this goal.


How are you going to advertise? Flyers? Run classifieds in the Sunday edition of the local paper? You could run classifieds by using Classifieds for Free. Radio, Cable and Broadcast TV - run the numbers.

Target Market?

A target market is defined as a group of people that you want to sell products or services to. "Married 2 kids" is an example. Also, service area should be determined. How far are you willing to travel? Now, internet marketing is another story...the whole planet is your service area. But, don't loose your focus on who and what your selling to.


Join a local chamber of commerce, and in the construction industry for example, a builder's association.


Save as much as you can while being employed by another shop. Also, the Small Business Administration has funding for minority owned businesses. Check out
the website: for more info.

That's about it for now.

To your success!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Home Based Businesses and Income Taxes

Don't forget to take care of your federal and state income tax obligations. A good rule of thumb is to set aside at least 35% of the gross earnings, let's say from Clickbank. The entrepreneur should make estimated tax payments on April 15, June 15, and September 15 of the current tax year. The current tax year would be 2011. One more thing: make your final payment on January 15 of the following year. The 30% would satisfy the federal tax component, and the Medicare. If you have state income taxes to pay, factor in at least 5%.

Please be sure to discuss your tax paying strategies with a qualified tax preparer.

So keep this in mind: for every $100 in gross commissions, $35 is sent to the government, Fed and State. Be disciplined.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home Based Business - 5 Super Tips For Moms

Hopeful mom entrepreneurs who harbor the urge for a home based business often face numerous challenges. A strong desire for self employment and accommodating work hours has pushed many moms of the word towards starting their own enterprise from their very homes.

A home business venture can offer moms the desired work life balance. The flexible working hours can provide time for family and kids.

Certain essentials and factors determine the sustainability of a business venture. Aspiring mom entrepreneurs should thoroughly examine ideas and start up on opportunities to move towards their business dreams.

The following information can serve as tips for moms to achieve their home based business goals:

1) A Strong Business Plan:

A thorough business plan must be developed before initiating a home entrepreneurial venture. The business plan as a document works as a blueprint to effectively manage essential resources.

It could be a detailed document containing information for securing outside funding and guidance to control everyday activities. A well thought out plan can help maintain focus towards growth and expansion. The business plan must be constantly reviewed to explore new avenues of growth.

2) The Best Business Idea:

The finest business idea is allied to known expertise or individual passion.

Unique talents and skills which provide individual joy can be turned in to a moneymaking opportunity. Passion is considered the magical ingredient for success with a business idea.
Spare time hobbies could hold the potential for a successful home business opportunity. Additional skills and knowledge must be constantly acquired through seminars and educational classes in order to invite high expertise.

The love for work with a business venture initiates strong commitment and the drive which is necessary for growth. The fundamental desire for success can help with sustenance in difficult times. A business plan which engages activity equivalent to personal interests and fervor provides competitive advantage.

3) Start with the Basics:

Always follow the basics to institute a start up opportunity. Local government regulations must be checked upon for permit and license requirements to work from home. Demand factors of a product or service must be thoroughly examined.

Market sensitivity to the product offered must be considered before moving towards actual product promotion.

4) Stay Organized with Time:

Mom entrepreneurs of home based business must be organized to maximize time for family and business activities.

Being organized can save time and money. It works against stress and can help maintain high energy levels for business activities.

5) Set up a Support Network:

A support group of compatible business women who own business units or seek to establish entrepreneurial ventures can be formed to assist with strategies and empowerment. The group of like minded business women can help share complexities of entrepreneurship. The support of successful women in the group can facilitate guidance necessary for business decisions.

The above steps and ideas can help mom entrepreneurs overcome potential pitfalls associated with a business venture. The sense of independence experienced with self employment can last a lifetime through hard work and effective money management.

A home based business does require long hours of work, effective time management and creative financing actions. On the other hand, it can offer moms a business with flexible hours, more time for kids and immense scope for profitability.

Tana Hamiter
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