Sunday, July 26, 2009

Make Money From Home - Offer Writing Services

Do you want to make money from home? If you write reasonably well, you can offer writing services. Currently, because of the fast growth of the Web, writers are in high demand.

But what will you write? Web articles are simple to write, and most beginners start by writing these short pieces for websites.

1. Web Articles Are in High Demand

It's a good idea to start with Web articles not only because it's easy to sell them but also because writing these articles give you experience. By the time you've written 50 or 100 articles, your writing will be much improved. You will also have built your writing muscles, which means that you can write more and can write faster, thereby increasing your income.

There's another benefit of writing Web articles: you get testimonials quickly. Since anybody at all can call themselves a writer, getting testimonials from your first clients is essential, because they will help you to gain additional clients.

2. Focus on Your Clients: Sell Them What They Need

As you begin to work as a writer, you will discover that all clients are different. You can work with several hundred clients, and you'll never get the same type of work twice.

This sounds amazing, but it's true, even if you're writing articles. All the topics you're asked to write on will be different, and the clients will have different requirements. Some clients will be easy to work with, others will be a challenge.

If you realize this, then you'll understand that you need to focus completely on what your clients want, and give it to them. By the way, this doesn't mean that if your clients want something that is patently illegal, such as plagiarizing somebody else's work, you give them that -- you won't. You need to be completely ethical, because you're building a long-term career.

3. Use the Social Networking Sites to Make Contacts

As a beginning writer, you won't have any contacts. Luckily making contacts is very easy because of the growth of the social networking sites. Many writers use sites like Twitter to advertise their availability, and to get clients.

These sites are very useful because they enable you to stay in touch with people with whom you've worked, and it's essential that you do this. It's always easier to get work from people who know you then from complete strangers.

Enjoy building your writing services business; it's a great way to work from home.

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